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Founder Sasha Alyson (left) started one of the country's earliest gay publishing companies, Alyson Publications, in 1980. It quickly became the leading publisher of lesbian and gay books, with an emphasis on providing books for gay teenagers (such as Reflections of a Rock Lobster and One Teenager in Ten) and for children, including the controversial Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's Roommate.

Sasha has a long history of involvement in the gay community. He founded Boston's gay newspaper, Bay Windows, in 1983, and in 1987 initiated an industry-wide program to publish the book You Can Do Something About AIDS, which became the most widely distributed AIDS book of the time. His varied activities have won him recognition as diverse as the Human Rights Campaign, the Greater Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance, and the New England Booksellers Association.

As one of the country's leading gay entrepreneurs, he has appeared on Larry King Live; been published on the editorial pages of the New York Times; and been named to Out magazine's "Top 100" list of influential gay men and lesbians.

Sasha sold his publishing company in 1995, and now brings that same spirit of innovation to the world of gay and lesbian travel. His gay travel column, Venturing Out, is also available on the web.


Our trips are active vacations, full of options and opportunities. On our biking trips, for example, you can follow our suggested route with the group; take the same path at your own pace; or venture off on your own to explore uncharted territory. The active nature of our trips makes it easy to get to know others in the group -- and to make new friends in the areas we pass through.

If you want a tightly organized group tour, this may not be the right vacation for you. But if you find it exciting to bike along a country road, stopping to soak your feet in a stream, or to hike along a mountain trail with a friend, not knowing what's just around the corner, then give us a try. Find out why Out & About, the widely-respected gay travel newsletter, gave us their Editor's Choice award for Adventure Travel.

And speaking of names, ours is often misspelled. We spell it: Alyson Adventures. Don't sweat the spelling too much: We've also registered the URLs for Allyson Adventures, Alison Adventures, and Allison Adventures. But right now, if you'd like to know more, you're best off going right to the home page for Alyson Adventures.