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Australia is too big for anyone to enjoyably travel the full country during a two-week vacation. So we've selected five highlights of Australia. Every day will be different; yet you'll only pack your bags four times during your vacation.

  The Perfect Beach   

Gay men just love Australia's beachesThe sandy half-mile crescent of Bondi Beach is ranked as one of the best in the world. Swim, body-surf, and relax in the sun. And watch the lifeguards. Every week, the volunteers who patrol these beaches dash into the surf to practice techniques.

In the afternoon, walk along the cliffs to Tamarama Beach. Later, many in our group will tour off to the gay district of Oxford Street.  

Sydney Opera House: The landmark that almost wasn't built


Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

  The Blue Mountains   

Just two hours from Sydney lie the Blue Mountains. Our three nights here give you a chance to meet koalas, wombats, and kookaburras. Follow a nature trail to the top of a rugged cliff, where the blue mist of eucalyptus oils fill the air below. You can hike down these cliffs on a steep but well-protected trail, or take a dramatic but less stomach-twisting route along the top.

Looking for extra adventure? Try canyoning. In the morning, learn to rappel. In the afternoon, we’ll splash along a narrow canyon, jumping or sliding into pools of water, then rappelling through a waterfall to make our way out. Canyoning is optional! But those who try it always remember the day as a highlight of their vacation in Australia.

  Spectacular Sydney   

Sydney was named the #1 overseas travel destination by Conde Nast readers, 5 years in a row. You'll find out why, with a mix of group activities and independent exploring. Cruise through Sydney Harbour to lunch at the famous Doyle's waterfront restaurant, then stroll to Lady Jane, a gay clothing-optional beach hidden below the cliffs.

Back in the city, tour Sydney's world-famous aquarium, zoo, and art museums. Do something that was illegal until 1999: Climb to the top of the landmark Harbour Bridge, overlooking the Opera House. In the evenings, enjoy Sydney's varied cuisines, a night at the opera, and drinks on Oxford Street.  

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  Gay Mardi Gras   

Well, there goes this site's family rating! Attitudes are different in Australia, where the entire Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade is shown on national television. Gyms, gay swim teams, and other groups outdo one another with elaborate floats and choreographed marching bands. The extravaganza that results is easily the most entertaining gay parade in the world.  


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  Reef and Rainforest   

We fly north to Queensland for four nights in Port Douglas, a lively town and the closest gateway to two of the earth's most diverse ecosystems: the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

Make new friends when you travel!Our trip includes a full day sailing out to the Reef. Whether you scuba dive or snorkel, you'll discover an underwater world of colorful fish, strangely sculpted corals, and giant clams with fluorescent lips.

The next day, visit the Daintree Rainforest, one of the world’s oldest and most diverse. Hike amidst colorful birds and butterflies, swim at a secluded waterfall, and perhaps photograph baby crocodiles as we travel by boat down the river.

Or enjoy an off-day: Have a leisurely breakfast in the company of an inquisitive parrot, shop in Port Douglas, relax by one of our hotel's five swimming pools, then enjoy a leisurely dinner of freshly caught barramundi.

Finally, end your Australian adventure with a splash: A day of whitewater rafting, in one of Queensland's dramatic river canyons. 

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